A new year brings new resolutions and for many, fitness is a core goal for the upcoming months. FIT Statesboro (Focused Individualized Training), located on 107 W. Main Street, which has previously only specialized in personal fitness training, has recently completed a renovation that will allow individuals in the community to access the gym with monthly memberships!

After Jason Wolfe, the founder and owner of FIT Statesboro, obtained his graduate degree from Georgia Southern University he opened the gym, originally on Northside Drive, but moved locations in 2014 to Downtown Statesboro. The gym originally only provided the “Focused Individualized Training” for those looking for personal trainers, but the expansion has created more room to accommodate for monthly gym memberships. The renovation has created a more open feel and flow throughout the building.

One of Wolfe’s goals for his business is to create a more personal, tailored training session for each individual. Each trainer specializes specific workouts for each individual during their sessions. If a client has any injuries or is recovering from surgery, workouts can be tailored to regain strength in the muscles that are affected. Regaining mobility can be a process that continues long after someone has finished physical therapy, Wolfe states “We can be a transition point from physical therapy to working out on the injury to help strengthen and regain control of the muscles and strength the individual had before the injury occurred.” The gym focuses on athletes as well as the general population. The gym offers tours to anyone who is interested in joining. Membership fees are kept as low as possible to make it affordable to the students and citizens of Statesboro alike.

Beyond working out, Wolfe tries to promote a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. Healthy eating is a key component to maintaining or achieving any fitness goals. A whole food approach is ideal and the best piece of advice Wolfe offers is to limit the intake of processed foods.

With the Blue Mile bringing an influx of business and awareness to Downtown, our businesses are continuing to grow and expand just like FIT Statesboro and we are welcoming all of the incoming traffic to our area. For more information visit FIT Statesboro.