Tell us About Your Downtown Business

Business Name: Cool Beanz

Business Owner’s Name: David Hoyle

Contact information: .. 912.681.2253


When did your business open in Statesboro? Where exactly are you located?

Cake and Cool Beanz opened in March of 2014. The store is split into two different areas, Cake, which is run by Shannon Ward, and Cool Beanz which is run by David Hoyle. David needed a storefront to showcase his freshly brewed coffee and Shannon had just the spot for him. By combining the two businesses in one shop, customers are able to experience both delicious cupcakes, and an amazing glass of cold brew. They are located right in the heart of Downtown Statesboro on East Main Street where locals are bound to walk past while going about their day.


Why did you want to open a business in Downtown Statesboro?

David, a Georgia Southern Alumni, fell in love with the history and beauty of Downtown Statesboro. He saw the potential for both foot traffic, and by being on a busy street, having people drive by frequently and deciding to come in. In addition, because of the amazing location of this business, when events happen downtown, people get more familiar with the logo and can recall seeing the business, which in turn will drive business in.


What is a unique feature about you or your business that people in Statesboro may not know?

Unlike chain-coffee shops, and other local coffee spots around town, David roasts, and brews his own Cold Brew. He has learned and mastered the technique while representing a deep appreciation for the practice that his cold brew coffee is an amazing, refreshing, and energizing part of the customers day.


What is the story behind your name and logo?

Since ‘Cake’ was already a thing, Cool Beanz really had to think up of their own name and logo seperate from Shannon’s company. David drew inspiration from his Sister-in-law for the name. Throughout the years he has heard his sister-in-law respond to many things by saying “Cool Beans” over and over again that eventually he decided to make that the name of his coffee shop. To him, there is nothing more fitting than that, and the locals agree. As far as the logo goes, David sat down with a buddy of his that happens to be very artistic. He told his friend his vision and after hours and collaborating the coffee bean with sunglasses and style was born. Of course, with a name like “Cool Beanz”, the logo must live up to that title, and it did.


During your time in Downtown Statesboro, what has been the biggest surprise you have faced?

When I asked David this question, he answered with absolutely no hesitation or stutter. “Customer loyalty” he said without blinking. Something that plagued David’s mind when opening a business on a busy street and no parking lot attached, was the question of ‘how will people come in if they don’t know where to park?”. This fear seemed to flutter away when he saw that the customer base he reached would come in to enjoy his coffee regardless of the parking situation. He was able to reach such a loyal and passionate group of people that would walk a couple blocks just to come in and taste his newest coffee creation.


What is your favorite product to sell in your store and why?

Without a doubt, David answered with complete certainty: “My cold brew”. It comes as no surprise that the thing that he put so much time into, and has become such a successes, is his favorite thing to sell. Everybody loves the feeling of their hard work paying off and being appreciated and with David, that is his cold brew. He has mastered the practice and puts heart into every single batch that he roasts. Because of this, he is able to feel a sense of pride when someone walks in and buys the product he spent so much time on.


What are your plans for your store’s future?

Similar to other businesses, David has the vision of growing and expanding. Getting more people to try his extraordinary coffee creations. He has a goal to reach out to more college students as well as keep growing with the locals and strengthen those relationships. But don’t get any crazy ideas, just because he wants to expand doesn’t mean he is going anywhere. Being downtown is exactly where he desires to be and loves his location. He hopes to share his passion with others and show them that if you have a passion for something, do it. David hopes to spread his love for coffee with the people of Statesboro, and engage in new relationships while maintaining his relationships with the locals.


Interviewed by: Ashley Friend