What started as a joke, turned into a dream for this mother and daughter duo. Peyton Yarbrough and Meredith Holland, owners of Posh, explored this dream when they jokingly exchanged ideas about owning a business in downtown Statesboro. That dream became the new boutique Posh, located at 16 South Main Street, which was created by mother, Holland, and daughter, Yarbrough, and opened Jan. 7, 2020.

The logo was designed by Yarbrough, while the pair explained the store’s name sounded like a ‘Kardashian’ name. Yarbrough explained the mother daughter duo aimed to be different than other boutiques in town. “We wanted to offer different styles for women of all ages,” said Yarbrough. “We offer edgy, preppy, going to church clothes, and so much more.”

While taking on this new business, Yarbrough was surprised by how supportive the Statesboro community has been to Posh and how other business owners have extended their hand out to them.

“We have learned so much because of the people who were kind enough to lend a hand,” said Yarbrough.  “Now, we look forward to giving back to the community that has been there for us.

Posh aims to be different by providing a diverse range of clothing to women of all ages, but also to give back to those in need. Each month Posh donates 10% of that month’s proceeds to an organization in need. For example, February’s proceeds went to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Yarbrough stated the store was expanding and introducing new lines and they are excited to share them with the community. “One of my favorite brands is Beaudin,” said Yarbrough. “The handmade products help give back to women who have been in sex trafficking.”

While the boutique is fairly new, Posh is expanding its services to offer higher end lines, adding shoes, and providing a store where mothers and daughters can shop together to find their perfect outfit. Click Here to find out more about what Posh is doing next.