This week we’d like to shine a spotlight on one of many amazing downtown businesses, Three Tree Coffee Roasters, and their response to COVID-19.

During the time of this pandemic, local businesses are trying to make ends meet as they struggle to bring in business. Some restaurants and shops want to stay open for their loyal customers and continue to provide services to the community. One business in particular is going above and beyond to provide everything they can for the city of Statesboro and we’d like to spotlight Three Tree Coffee and their great work.

Three Tree Coffee Roasters is providing ample amounts of services to bring their coffee and snacks to their customers. They have joined a new online ordering app called Cloosiv. You can purchase your goods through the app and specify whether you can pick it up or they will bring it out to you. Your first purchase through Cloosiv also gives you a $3 off coupon. They are also hosting a Drive-Thru Brunch on Saturdays. Every Saturday, customers can drive to the store and will be served pancakes from the Three Tree coffee trolley. Purchases of $30 or more are also eligible from free local delivery through Three Tree’s website. As the community is adjusting to this new normal, we thank local businesses like Three Tree Coffee Roasters for putting forth the effort needed to get us through this time.

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