This week we’d like to shine a spotlight on a new downtown restaurant, Bull and Barrel, and their plans for their business in our community.

With a love of food and desire to share his expertise with others, John Adam moved to Statesboro to become the general manager of Bull and Barrel Steakhouse in downtown Statesboro.  

Adam grew up in Michigan but did not stay there long. His passion for cooking and restaurants started at a young age, and he has traveled all over the country because of it. His resume includes working in Denver as a food and beverage director, fine dining in Chicago, and even opening his own bar and grill in Wyoming, just to name a few. Adam was drawn to Statesboro by a desire to bring his expertise to a community that would benefit from it. “I have known Chef Dan Vizzard [the executive chef] for over four years and we have the same passion to bring our culinary experience to the people of Statesboro.”  

When asked about what surprised him the most about working in the downtown area, he replied, “I was just surprised with how warm and welcoming the community is. They are excited for our restaurant coming in and they want to support us in any way they can.” Naming a new restaurant can be tricky and Adams admitted they had over 100 names to pick from. They eventually chose Bull and Barrel because “we wanted a name that embodied what we wanted to be known for: steaks, whiskey, and wine.” 

Adam said he is most excited for people to try the smoked prime rib, “We haven’t even opened and I know that is going to be the best-seller.” Bull and Barrel cannot wait to open this week and serve the people of Statesboro to the best of their ability. Follow the restaurant on Facebook (bullandbarrelga) and Instagram (@bullnbarrel).


Written by Allie Robinson