Vintage Barbers

A new barbershop just opened in Downtown Statesboro, bringing a new and vintage feel to a weekly classic.
Joe and Misty Arnold are the owners of 67 Styles in Downtown Statesboro. Over the last few years they have seen the need for this type of barbershop in Statesboro.
Joe is excited about the opportunity to build this business by providing excellent customer service and under his leadership, the barbershop will be the perfect alternative for men that aren’t comfortable in a salon environment. 
The new shop will be called Vintage Barbers, a classic barbershop that will have an old school feel with premium vintage chairs. They will be offering hot shaves and hot towel treatments to enhance guests’ experience.  As well as providing the best haircuts around with his Lead Barber & Shop Manager, Scott Rogers.
Scott is a fully trained and certified cosmetologist that worked in Atlanta at a premium barbershop. He cut hair and maintained beards for high-profile people in the Atlanta area.
Scott and Joe decided to join forces to bring the premium vintage feel to Downtown Statesboro, something that hasn’t been done in quite a while.
They are open now.