Maddie Flocks had a hobby of getting used bikes and just bringing them back to life. She would see them on Facebook and Craigslist’s  from people that thought that the bike was broken or damaged. She would bring them to her house.

It wasn’t for a few more months when she needed more space and got a storage unit.

It wasn’t until she noticed that there wasn’t enough space in her garage to store them!

Then came August 2019. Maddie was getting to the point that she had too many bikes and, thanks to one of her customers, she was able to find a location that would become the heart of Recycled Cycles.

Recycled Cycles is the place to go if wanting to fix your bicycle or if wanting to donate one.


They do maintenance and servicing for all types of bicycles possible as well as selling used bike parts.

They are located at: 64 E Main St in Statesboro, open 9 a.m to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. 

You can also find them at: