Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q Place Acts as a Gathering Space for the Community

Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q Place is focused on serving delicious barbecue and hosting a variety of people from across the community. 

Stacy Underwood, the owner of Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q Place, has been in the restaurant business for 26 years. Underwood opened Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q Place in July of 2021 from the former restaurant, R.J. ‘s Seafood and Steaks, as he wanted to be able to do more catering. What makes his business so special is that the food is cooked fresh everyday with old family recipes. 

The downtown restaurant has become a gathering place for a wide variety of people in Statesboro. “People come in, enjoy themselves, and see friends they haven’t seen in a long time,” Underwood said. 

While it is your typical restaurant in the front, the back has banquet rooms that are able to host and cater for several different events and groups. “People can pick out the menu that they want to have for the guests and we have what we call a barbecue buffet and we also have a more extensive buffet that caters for weddings and business meetings and everything,” Underwood said. Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q Place hosts a lot of civic clubs, organizations’ meetings, class reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, and personal suppers. 

Underwood shared that he has learned a lot in his time in the restaurant business. One thing that he has had to learn the most is how to be a good manager through dealing with employees and customers. “I’m always learning. How can I put out the best food, the quickest way, with the best people? ”Underwood said.

Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q place offers a variety of different food on their menu including brisket, ribs, and fried chicken, as well as family portions that can serve your own large gatherings. When going to Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q Place, the must try item is the smoked chicken. Underwood said that the smoked chicken is his favorite thing to serve and what Uncle Shug’s really got started with.

Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q Place has recently released an app where customers are able to order food, as well as receive parking carryout services, where orders can be brought out to their car. Customers also have the option to purchase gift cards at the location.

You can experience Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q Place in downtown Statesboro and along the Boro Blue Mile at 434 South Main Street on Monday- Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Thursday – Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Be sure to follow along with all things at Uncle Shug’s Bar-B-Q Place through their Facebook and Instagram.