Vino 1910 is an elegant new wine bar located in the heart of downtown Statesboro.

Having opened in November of 2021, Vino 1910 has quickly become a beloved spot for people to come and enjoy several types of wine and a special night with friends or a significant other. The atmosphere of the bar is dark and luxurious, with velvet seating and beautiful gold touches- curating the perfect spot for an intimate first date or anniversary dinner to be shared over a glass of wine.

What started as a dream of a retail wine location in downtown Statesboro amongst a group of friends, quickly transitioned into a bar where people can come to enjoy wine while also learning about different types of wines.

“We’re all just a group of friends who had this idea of doing something different downtown,” said Michael Blackmon, owner of Vino 1910, “We all had a passion for wine, let’s sell wine, let’s teach people about wine!”

Vino 1910 serves a wide variety of people. “From the young person experiencing wine for the first time, to the person who’s been to Italy 10 times, I think we can find something for everybody,” Blackmon said.

While Vino 1910 is great for a small party or date, the bar hosts private events as well, where you can book the space for groups. These events can be hosted for many different things, from retirement parties to bridal showers.

“I’ll do a large catering style board that’s wrapped on the bar, it’s absolutely a really fun time,”

general manager, Tori Zellner, said.

The wine bar offers charcuterie boards to be purposefully placed with their wines as a complement to them. The sizes for the charcuterie boards include solo, duet  and ensemble. Each week will have different meat and cheese options featured to choose from, with the aim of having a new experience each time you visit. They have recently added a dessert board, which features local bakers’ items that switch out seasonally.

While the bar’s main focus is on their selection of wine, they do offer beer and liquor options for those who may prefer them. For beer they offer a wheat, lager, IPA and a sour beer. For liquor they offer items such as vodka sodas or whiskey on the rocks.

Zellner and Blackmon are eager to see how Vino 1910 will grow and expand in the future, as this is really just the beginning for them. Blackmon said that he would love to have the demand to open up another place in the future and to draw up an equation that works well enough that people would want to repeat.

You can experience the atmosphere of Vino 1910 Wine Bar on Tuesdays- Thursdays from 4-10:00 p.m., Friday 4-11:30 and Saturday from 5-11:30 p.m. Be sure to follow along with them on Instagram and Facebook.