Step into the world of books and delicious coffee at Statesboro’s new coffeehouse. Two Story Books and Coffeehouse is a new business in Downtown Statesboro that will have used books for sale as well as delicious coffee. This business opened on October 14th. They are located 142 North Main St.

Trevor Wright, a Georgia Southern alumni and owner of the coffeehouse, decided to open the coffeehouse after seeing businesses thrive downtown.

“I want to create an environment that is a home away from home, I know college students don’t always have a place to go and I would like to create that. I really enjoy the quote ‘You will never in your life meet an ordinary person.’ A lot of the time we don’t think of people as people and I would like to change that; to create the opportunity to meet and get to know people.” said Trevor Wright.

Two Story Books and Coffeehouse has a unique set up that Wright got from a cafe in Brazil. You fill out a library card themed menu and bring it to the barista, this way you don’t have to wait in line for your coffee. There will also be a feature that allows customers to pay from the table. These services will reduce foot traffic along the cafe area of the store, making it more efficient and open for readers.
Wright plans to expand his business by having events at the coffeehouse in the future.

“I would not only like this to be a home away from home for some people but also a community of creative and artistic minds. I want a community where you can sit down and have a good quality conversation with someone and get to know them as an individual. I hope my employees learn the names and orders of our regulars in the future to keep the community aspect alive” said Wright.

Allen Muldrew, Executive Director at Downtown Statesboro Development Authority, said “It is important to have young entrepreneurs downtown. I am excited to watch this new business grow and become a part of our wonderful downtown community.”
A unique aspect of the coffeehouse is the coffee scholarship Wright is offering. Followers of the coffeehouse’s social media will have to repost a story and a handful of winners will be chosen at random to participate in a coffee scholarship. The scholarship will provide free coffee everyday to the participants for a whole year. Each year new winners will be announced.

Wright said, “I know COVID was hard on some people and I really want the community to know that we understand that here and we are wanting to help them in any way we can”.
For updates on the business and a chance to win the coffee scholarship, check out their Facebook and Instagram.