Transformation of a Lifetime


Pets need pampering too, a fact clearly demonstrated at Aunt Kaycee’s Transfurmation Pet Spa. In this pet spa, your beloved companions are groomed, styled, and nurtured by Aunt Kaycee herself. The business officially opened its doors on October 2nd and is conveniently located at 427 Fair Road. The hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you can make your appointment by calling (921)-225-6595. 


Kaycee Enslow, the proprietor of this pet spa, emphasizes the significance of the one-on one- experience for the pets. The one-on-one approach entails having only one animal in the spa at any given time, ensuring that each animal receives the dedicated attention they rightfully deserve. Kaycee’s primary goal was to cultivate a serene and soothing environment where pets can relax and unwind. She provides them with as many breaks as needed during the grooming process, ensuring they remain stress-free. 

Beyond its charming exterior, there lies a profound meaning behind the name of the business. “It’s named Transfurmation Pet Spa because we truly transform the animals that come to us. I once groomed an older dog who left here acting like a puppy, and that’s why I’m in this business,” Kaycee shared. It’s essential to note that the services offered at this pet spa aren’t limited to dogs; they also cater to cats. 

To jump-start the business, Kaycee has introduced a referral program. Here’s how it works: when you refer someone to her and they book a grooming session, both you and the person you referred to will receive a ten-dollar discount. Additionally, she is generously offering free services to “Fixing the Boro” and “The Humane Society” to assist in finding loving homes for pets in need. “I’ve always been an animal person,” Kaycee said, “and I always will be.” 


Allen Muldrew, Executive Director at Downtown Statesboro Development Authority, expressed, “It’s truly exciting to witness new businesses opening on the Blue Mile, especially ones that provide services that are currently in short supply.”

Kaycee is thrilled to welcome both you and your furry friend to her pet spa!