The Downtown Statesboro Development Authority welcomes a new and vibrant addition to its community The Collective Vine, a unique store dedicated to showcasing the finest local goods and crafts. Owned by the passionate and community-driven entrepreneur Maria Proctor, The Collective Vine promises to be a haven for those seeking exceptional products with a local touch.
Located at 39-B West Main Street, The Collective Vine is set to have their grand opening on Sunday, December 17th from 3pm-5pm. The store is a celebration of the rich tapestry of craftsmanship and talent that Statesboro has to offer. From handmade artisanal products to locally sourced delicacies, The Collective Vine is a curated collection of the best that the community has to offer.

Maria Proctor, the visionary behind The Collective and Vine, has spent years cultivating relationships with local artisans and producers. Her dedication to supporting the community is evident in every corner of the store. Maria envisions The Collective and Vine as not just a retail space but a gathering point for the community, fostering connections and celebrating the spirit of Statesboro.

The Collective and Vine will also serve as a platform for local entrepreneur artists and craftsmen to showcase their work, with regular events and collaborations planned throughout the year. They currently have over 25 vendors under the same roof.

The Collective and Vine is not just a store; it’s a tribute to the community, a place where the stories of Statesboro come alive through the products and experiences it offers. Join us on December 17, 2023 to experience the vibrant spirit of The Collective and Vine.  For more information, please contact or