Are you looking for a fun neighborhood spot that will become a go-to for your nights
out? If so, Pour House Pub will be just what you need. This take on a classic Irish pub will be a
place you can’t wait to go back to. Located at 25 West Main St., Pour House Pub will offer things
you can not have anywhere else. The inspiration behind the pub is to bring back a sense of history
to downtown.

Tori Zellner and Danielle Dudley, the owners of Pour House Pub, wanted to create a
casual spot where everybody can enjoy food, drinks, and live music. They will be serving classic
pub fare, including fish and chips, and a twist on the classics like shepherds pie eggrolls. The
pub will also be available to integrate with delivery services, such as Doordash and Uber Eats.

Zellner and Dudley said their biggest surprise while working downtown is how
supportive the community has been around them and their journey of opening a business. “We
try to help out as much as we can and it’s so nice to see the community welcoming the new
businesses we are helping,” said Allen Muldrew, Executive Director at Downtown Statesboro
Development Authority.

There is no set opening date, but the owners are aiming for the beginning of March.
“These are all original floors and walls, we want people to notice the originality of the place
when they walk in,” said Zellner. They are paying special attention to detail and working on
everything by hand, which can be time consuming.

Zellner and Dudley knew they wanted to be downtown when opening up a business. The
owners said they are prepared to make sure everyone is aware they are downtown, and that everyone is welcome.

“We want this to be a place where once you leave you can’t wait to come back,”
said Dudley. “If you want a drink, just come in and have a good time.”