Relaxation Meets Rejuvenation At Cat Eye Skin And Lash Studio

Skin is always on show, so why not take care of it? At Cat Eye Skin and Lash Studio, you can! Airen Perkins, the owner of the new skin and lash studio, welcomes new clients into her world of beauty and relaxation. Located at 3 Broad Street in Downtown Statesboro, the studio offers several skin and lash services that range from skin consultations and facials to a lash lift and tint. 

Airen Perkins has spread her passion of teaching esthetics to her students at Ogeechee Tech. Although she is a licensed esthetician, Perkins says teaching is her passion. 

The name and logo come from Perkins being a cat mom herself. “Cat people carry an energy I really enjoy being around so I try to attract that crowd with my name and logo” says Perkins. The studio offers many treatments that range from relaxing to rejuvenating and even combining both. 

“It is surprising how many people are taken back by how relaxing our treatments are because they work so well. I want the treatments to be effective but I also want my patient to relax as well” says Perkins. Although there are many treatments to choose from, Perkins’ favorite treatment she offers is the new client facial and skin consultation. 

The studio is now open to the public so be sure to check out Cat Eye Skin and Lash Studio’s social media and website to book your appointment now.