Axe-citing things lie ahead for Downtown Statesboro! Boro the Hatchet Axe Throwing is opening a physical location in the heart of the city, bringing the fun of axe throwing to the people of Bulloch County.

BJ McKellar, a law enforcement officer, founded Boro the Hatchet in 2022. The idea came to life when a friend suggested to McKellar’s wife, Haley, that he build an axe throwing trailer after seeing one at a school event. McKellar found it to be a good idea for a side gig and built the trailer. After more than a year of success and community support, McKellar decided to pursue the possibility of a physical location in downtown Statesboro.

“Everything that I have in the trailer, I’m transferring to here,” said McKellar. “You have real axes, real wood, but the target you’re throwing at is digital.” The location is currently set up with six throwing lanes equipped with a projector that will display a digital target on the wood. The projected targets keep the experience fresh as you can play a variety of games including standard axe throwing, Zombie Hunter, Lineup-4, and much more.

In addition to the axe throwing, the new Boro the Hatchet location will include pool tables, a lounging area, refreshments, darts, and a small arcade. “I wanted more of an entertainment place rather than just axe throwing,” McKellar said. “If the axe lanes are full, you can wait and play some pool or some darts too.”

The axe throwing venue will be located at the side entrance of 19 E. Vine St. There is no official grand opening date, however, McKellar wishes to have the facility open by July of this year. To learn more about Boro the Hatchet Axe Throwing, visit their website at Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for live updates and announcements!