When it comes to finding a shoe repair shop, look no further than W & J Shoe Repair and Leathercraft in Downtown Statesboro. Owned and operated by Statesboro native, Jimmy Raymond, he has been in the shoe repair business for over 30 years. W & J Shoe Repair is a locally-owned, black-owned downtown Statesboro business. Mr. Jimmy, along with help from his children, repairs all kinds of shoes in various degrees of disrepair.

Jimmy has been a leather craftsman for over 40 years and states, “I’m very, very, very well acquainted with  leather craft.” He is the only shoe repairman in Statesboro as well as in the five surrounding counties. He mentioned that this was not always the case, as every small town had a shoe repairman or two. Today, the closest shoe repair to Statesboro (other than W&J) is in Savannah.

Before getting into the shoe business, Mr. Jimmy attended Savannah State University then transferred to Georgia Southern majoring in industrial education. Post graduation, he taught high school industrial art in Atlanta and Glennville. He got his start in the shoe repair business by working at a shoe shop in the Statesboro Mall. He worked there for four years  until the store closed. 

After the mall shoe repair store closed, he opened his own store downtown and bought his own machinery. His first store was located at 41 W. Main St. for 19 years then relocated next door. One thing that Jimmy is proud of is how he has been able to remain open while keeping his prices low. He states, “I’m comfortable with my prices, and I only go up in price when material goes up.” He charges $40 for a basic shoe repair, which is lower than Savannah shoe repair stores that charge $60+.

His message to all is, “Everybody has feet so everyone wears shoes.” He greatly enjoys what he does and shows no signs of stopping. W & J Shoe Repair is located at 43 W. Main St., open 9-2 Tuesday-Friday and on Saturdays from 9-12. Come into the store anytime or call 912-536-6660.