Downtown Statesboro can add a new entertainment place to its roster, Gators & Gypsies. Owned by Statesboro native Ginny Hendley, G&G is a new lounge that features  arcade games, multiple lounge areas, bar, pool tables, and more.  Ginny describes G&G as a place “where everyone can escape the ordinary and wander into the land of Gators and Gypsies.” Step inside to relax and take break from reality for a bit.

Hendley is proud to give Statesboro a new place to hang  while bringing new energy downtown. Hendley wants to do her part in revitalizing downtown stating, “I just want to show the town some so much love and give its residents a place to explore and get out and about”. Any patron that comes will enjoy playing classic arcade games, pool and and more in a nostalgic retro environment alongside live music.

The name Gators & Gypsies comes from each area having a different vibe. The Gypsy lounge area (located at entrance) caters to women and the Gators lounge caters towards men. Their will a choice of vibe like sports watching, pool, or just socializing. The purpose of G&G is “to make you feel like you’re at a friend’s house” a laid back atmosphere.

G&G features local artwork throughout, including its logo by Cheyenne Summerlin. Hendley says “I’m giving a shout out to local artists by commissioning  their work on the wall for patrons to admire while lounging.” Each piece of displayed artwork will feature a brief bio about the artist and available for purchase. Plants, shirts, and hats will also be avaialble to purchase. 

Hendley is always looking for any vendors interested in selling artwork, or other items at G&G. She also mentioned that the lounge can be rented out for speical occasions for any group/organization gathering, social/professional organizations, etc. 

Gators and Gypsies is located at 19 East Vine Street Suite A, adjacent to Galactics Comics & Games. Go and follow G&G on Facebook and Instagram and remember to come to their grand opening on July 20 from 7-11 p.m. featuring local band Hip-Oh. Come by today and see what Downtown Statesboro’s newest lounge has to offer. For more information visit